Brake Pad Pressure Distribution

Measure, view, and evaluate dynamic forces acting between a brake pad and rotor or brake shoe and drum.

Evaluate Brake Pad Pressure Distribution

The I-Scan™ pressure mapping system is a versatile research and development tool for brake system and friction plate manufacturers. The system can provide instant insight into the dynamic forces and pressures acting between a brake pad and rotor or brake shoe and drum. The I-Scan system clearly shows where uneven pressures exist between these mating surfaces, predicting wear and stress on the pad. This information can be used to address the challenges facing brake design engineers, such as reducing brake noise, vibration, and harshness through design improvements.
Difference in pressure pattern of inboard (piston side) and outboard (finger side) of brake page showing flexing of both pads

Tekcan’s patented, thin-film sensors are available in different shapes, are reusable, and provide accurate pressure readings. With the help of our highly qualified sales and engineering support team, each system may be configured to meet your specific needs.

Brake Pad Pressure Measurement Applications
  • Brake design research and assessment
  • Design comparison testing
  • Predictive testing
  • Design validation
  • Noise, vibration, and harshness testing
Benefits of Pressure Mapping
  • Validate FEA models
  • Reduce test time
  • Reduces need for roadway testing
  • Saves time and money
See how Pressure Mapping Technology can help automobile manufacturers obtain dynamic pressure data to extend the life of vehicle components, like brake pads:

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