Machine Setup & Integration

Realize the true ROI of integrating pressure-mapping capabilities into your machine design.

Invest in a Streamlined Process

When a company integrates a new machine into their operation, they expect increased productivity in their throughput with improved quality. “Smart” machines that produce a quality product with minimal variation often have embedded applications that help to streamline the machine setup process, whether through a feature that allows the operator to make on-the-fly adjustments, or other systems that alert the operator when production goes awry.

While its roots are in R&D, integrating pressure mapping technology into your machine’s design can become a game-changing application to win customers over with a superior end-user experience.
Integrating pressure mapping technology into an ultrasonic welding machine UI, as shown above, can provide real-time pressure data that helps ensure an optimal production run.

PM64™: A Cost-Effective Platform to Deploy Pressure Mapping for OEMs

PM64 is Tekscan’s answer to market demands for a scalable, customizable pressure mapping platform. It is a basic pressure mapping scanning electronics module that supports a large-scale deployment for high-volume users and OEMs. When utilized with Tekscan’s Pressure Mapping SDK (an Application Programming Interface (API)), PM64 alows OEMs to implement multiple pressure mapping systems, and also integrate the technology as a value-added feature in a machine’s U.I.

The PM64 Process

Begin with the PM64 Starter Kit
Familiarize yourself with pressure mapping technology.
Using the SDK, Develop Your Custom Software to Function in a .NET Framework
Take advantage of Tekscan’s ease-of-use API to tailor your system for your specific application’s needs.
Deploy Your Custom Pressure Mapping Application Across Multiple Locations
Incremental pricing model allows for cost-effective large-scale deployment of electronics with run-time licenses.
PM64 Starter Kit Includes:
  • PM64 scanning electronics
  • Sensors
  • Tekscan’s R&D software (I-Scan™)
  • Tekscan’s pressure mapping software development kit (SDK)

Two Unique Solutions, One Innovative Technology

Watch the video below to see how one machine manufacturing company solved two unique machine alignment challenges with pressure mapping technology.