Force Sensing Device for Fitness Training

Applied Fitness incorporated Tekscan’s FlexiForce sensors into their DX•ƒ Gloves, which anyone can use to stay in shape from the comfort of home or office, tracking the force of their own body’s resistance.

Force Sensing Glove by Applied Fitness

Between work, family, school, and hobbies, we squeeze so much into our daily routines that finding time to get to the gym or fitness center can be a difficult, if not impossible task. Applied Fitness has incorporated Tekscan’s FlexiForce™ sensors into their DX•ƒ Gloves, which anyone (business professionals, students, parents) can use to stay in shape from the comfort of home or office, using their own body’s resistance.

The DX•ƒ Gloves combine state-of-the-art digital electronics and a sophisticated web-based software program to create a new and highly motivational exercise system. In the palm of each glove is a FlexiForce custom force sensor, which sends a signal to an electronic monitor on the back of the glove. The monitor contains an LCD display that allows the user to see instant results regarding total time and exertion, using the unique DX•ƒ point system. Additionally, each monitor contains a transmitter that sends a signal to the DX•ƒ receiver connected to your PC, allowing you to monitor your performance on your computer.
The custom FlexiForce sensor is a key component of the Applied Fitness force-sensing glove.

Benefits of FlexiForce Sensors

  • Ultra-thin sensor construction and flexibility means minimal interference/disturbance to normal action
  • Accurate response gives your customers and end users confidence in the performance of your product
  • Knowledgeable, experienced technical staff help you develop the most effective, economical sensor based on your specific requirements. All manufacturing takes place at ISO 9001 compliant & 13485 registered Tekscan headquarters.
  • 100% factory inspection ensures your sensors meet established performance specifications

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