Force Sensor Integration Kits

Set your FlexiForce integration process up for success with intuitive off-the-shelf kits for evaluating sensor performance.

Seamlessly Integrate FlexiForce Sensors with Characterization and Prototyping Kits

Engineers and designers integrating FlexiForce sensors into OEM products often have questions about how the sensor will perform in their specific application. How will the sensor react to different electronics and interface materials? How will it perform in the final design? Our application engineers have many years of experience supporting OEM customers through the sensor integration process, and have developed this set of tools to help you advance more seamlessly through each phase of FlexiForce sensor integration, from proof of concept testing and prototyping through field testing and commercialization.

Integration Kit Benefits:

  • Ease of use; begin obtaining force feedback data in minutes
  • Eliminate time needed for developing circuits
  • Signal conditioning that allows the ability to adjust or modify dynamic range