Heat Sink Contact Pressure

Measure the contact pressure between a heat sink and heat source.

Evaluate Heat Sink Contact Pressure

High density, active, electronics emit energy that can raise their temperature leading to failures. Heat sinks are secured to components to dissipate their heat.
For the heat sink to function properly, even contact must be achieved between the part being cooled and the heat source. This can be difficult to achieve due to the mechanically “stiff” nature of the heat sink and hard surfaces involved; where contact may be achieved well at one or two points, larger regions of potential contact have gaps.
The I-Scan™ pressure mapping system uses patented, paper-thin sensors that can easily be inserted between these two mating surfaces to evaluate and improve the contact. With the help of Tekscan’s highly qualified sales and engineering support team, each system may be configured to meet your specific needs.
Above: 2D pressure display of a heat sink. Higher pressures are evident along the right corner, indicating that the contact area between the heat sink and heat source is not uniform.

Heat Sink Pressure Measurement Applications

  • Design verification testing
  • Reliability improvements
  • R&D for new designs

Benefits of Pressure Mapping

  • Improve design
  • Minimize validation testing time
  • Reduce failures on PCB components or other elements
Watch this video to learn more about how Pressure Mapping Technology can help validate component press fits or seals:

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