Podiatrist Michael Weiss Uses F-Scan

Dr. Michael D. Weiss uses the F-Scan to provide effective treatments for his patients, as well as successfully market his practice.

How One Podiatrist Uses the F-Scan™ Pressure Mapping System

Michael D. Weiss, D.P.M. & Associates
St. Louis, MO

“You can actually relieve yourself of pain, no matter what age you are, if you have the right diagnosis, right doctor and right technology and I think Dr. Weiss has all of that.”

Dr. Weiss has used the F-Scan™ to analyze patients’ gait, increase their comfort level while walking, and decrease or eliminate lower back and chronic knee pain. View his story and learn how he utilizes the system and the paper-thin pressure sensors. Several case examples and interviews with patients who explain their results are included.

Part I: Meet Dr. Weiss, Podiatrist and F-Scan User

Part II: Hear from Several Patients Treated with Pressure Mapping

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