Wiper System

Evaluate wiper blade force profiles and interface pressure distribution.

Windshield Wiper Pressure Mapping

Utilizing a tactile pressure sensor, the Wiper™ System measures wiper blade to windshield interface force profiles under various testing conditions. The Wiper system measures the force distribution along the entire length of the blade at different positions on the windshield, providing important insights to improve design. It is used as a research and development tool to improve blade and wiper system performance under different conditions such as “lift-off.”
Key Features:

  • Map force distribution along wiper blade
  • Access real time or recorded data
  • Dynamic measurement for “lift-off” testing
  • Collects and consolidates static measurements at different angles to capture full wiper cycle
  • Graphic and analysis capabilities
Wiper pressure profile

Wiper System Components

Wiper force and pressure measurement system with pressure sensor model #9920.
  • Tactile pressure sensor – model 9920
  • Evolution™ Handle – (data acquisition electronics) connects to the sensor to gather data, process it, and send it to the PC via USB connection.
  • PB5E equilibration device – the equilibration process compensates for any variation or uneven output across individual sensing elements caused by manufacturing or repeated used of the sensor.
  • Wiper™ Software CD
Components depend on system configuration. Additional items may be included with your system purchase.

Wiper Blade Sensor – 9920

  • Minimally intrusive, flexible, thin-film sensor
  • Specifically designed for use with wiper blades
  • Durable and reusable
  • Thin & incompressible – dimensional stability is key for repeatable measurements

Wiper System Software

Force output measured: wiper blade at 30° angle on windshield - Output displayed graphically: Force vs. Distance across sensor rows
Key Features:

  • Access real time or recorded data in 2D & 3D
  • Correlates pressure data to angular position of wiper blade
  • Key metrics; total force, peak pressures, and center of force
  • Multiple graph options to plot data
  • View and compare multiple test results simultaneously
  • Ability to attach a digital image to each frame of a Tekscan movie
  • Export data to ASCII or AVI files

The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German.

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