MatScan Pressure Mat as a Rehabilitation Tool

The MatScan pressure sensitive mat will help devise a treatment plan for successful realignments by assessing which particular muscles need improvement.

Help re-align the lower limb & maintain optimal posture

Using the MatScan™ pressure mat to assess plantar pressure, weight distribution and Center of Force (CoF) while the patient is standing or performing knee flexions helps identify muscle balance and lower limb alignment. The physiological method of muscular training to re-align posture or align the lower limb is often neglected and is a cause leading to the failure of successful re-alignments. With the patient in the desired position on the MatScan, weak muscles can be determined and a training plan identified, and then provide a plan for rehabilitation. The patient will then be on the way to recovery.

Balanced Musculature with Optimal Alignment of the Lower Limb

Observations in assessing for optimal alignment:
Lower Limb Alignment
  • Are the knees frontal and do the feet have a similar angle of opening?
  • Is the rearfoot (subtalar joint) in neutral?
Lower Limb Alignment
  • Is the shank (mid-line) perpendicular to the foot, in vertical, and perpendicular to the horizontal between the superior aspect of the iliac crests (hip)?
  • Is the horizontal between the iliac crests perpendicular to the vertical, and parallel with the ground?
Matscan Pressure Profile Center of Force With balanced musculature and optimal alignment, left and right plantar pressure profiles and weight distribution are symmetrical and CoF is located at about mid-line between the feet and at mid-tarsal level.

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