Comparing Seal Designs

Measure pressure distribution and verify design specifications.

Tactile Pressure Sensors for Seal Design Testing


Compare two different rubber “dog seal” designs to determine which has better sealing performance along its perimeter.


The I-Scan™ pressure mapping system and 5101 sensor were used to measure the pressure distribution and pressure profile of two parts each with different seal designs. I-Scan was able to quickly and easily measure the differences between the two parts. The 2D pressure display software feature clearly shows the low pressure regions and areas where gaps are present in one of the seal designs, allowing for quick assessment and comparison of both designs. The system provides users with immediate feedback on the effectiveness of a seal and the impact of adjusting a design or installation parameters; saving verification time and re-engineering costs.

I-Scan provides data in real-time. The 2D or 3D pressure displays can be used to compare designs during simulated operating conditions. Sensors are available in different shapes and pressure ranges, are reusable, and provide accurate pressure data. With the help of Tekscan’s highly qualified sales and engineering support team, each system can be configured to meet your specific needs.
Results of comparing the sealing pressure pattern of two different "dog seal" designs. The 2D pressure display reveals that Design A does not offer satisfactory sealing pressure around the entire perimeter of the part. A gap is present along the seal (the blank or white region) that will likely lead to leaks and poor performance. Design B provides a more even seal along the entire perimeter of the part, and therefore is the superior design.

Seal Design Applications

  • Research & Development
  • Reliability testing
  • Comparative testing
  • Design verification testing

Benefits of using I-Scan

  • Identify and troubleshoot leaks
  • Minimize validation time
  • Improve design
See how Pressure Mapping Technology can help automobile manufacturers obtain dynamic pressure data to extend the life of vehicle components, like seal designs:

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