Dynamic Trunk Slam Pressure

Characterize sealing performance of automotive trunk lids.


Evaluate Automotive Trunk Lid Seals With Pressure Mapping

The illustrations below show a small selection of the data collected by the I-Scan™ pressure mapping system as an automobile trunk lid closes on the seal and paper thin (0.1 mm) sensing array. The Force verses Time graphing feature shows how the initial force is high, as the momentum of the trunk lid over compresses the seal. This force then oscillates several times before stabilizing. Stepping through the frames of the recorded file shows how the sealing force and pressure distribution change during this event. The time between each frame of the recording is 0.001 second.

The system can be used to locate and quantify seal pressures and characterize seal performance dynamically and statically. It can also be effective in measuring material behavior in response to the impact force of the dynamic event.
Initial force as trunk lid is slammed shut.
Several oscillating cycles occur before the forces stabilize.
After the overall forces stabilize, the pressure distribution on the seal is not even - perhaps due to the weld under the lip of the trunk lid, or other factors. Notice also that the static width of the seal is considerably less than the peak dynamic seal width.

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